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Computer & Video Playback
Bringing over 27 years of on-set experience and technological innovation.

     • 24 Frame Sync Equipment Packages

     • Playback Systems Design and Integration

     • Handheld Tech Integration (eg: Phone, Tablets)


     • Experienced Computer/Video Engineers


     • Cost Efficient Solutions

"Live Studio” Show Creation:

   We help create era-specific functional studios, as well as  "live-production within-a-production" video sets.   


      • "On air" Graphics Package Design

     • Multi-Cam Video Switching & Graphics


     • Integrating "Studio" and Practical Cameras

     • Control Rooms ("Live Studio" and Practical)

     • Integration of Teleprompters

     • "Live Studio" Video Stage Routing 

     • Video Recording & Editing for Playback 

Graphics and Content Creation & Acquisition


We build visually appealing playback graphics that help convey the story while enhancing the look & feel of a set.

    • Interactive element builds for any device

    • Acquisition & creation of video playback content and stock footage at affordable prices

    • Coordination with Editorial and VFX       departments to provide screen graphics for compositing


Projection Design


We specialize in designing unique and inventive ways to use projection.


     • Projection Layout and Design

     • Projection Mapping 

     • Projection Playback-System Implementation

     • Screen Material Selection - Including:

       +  Front vs. Rear Comparisons

        +  Holographic Projection Films

        +  Unconventional Projection Materials 

Technology Consulting


 We help provide straight-forward technical advice and solutions. 

       • Screen Technology Recommendations


      • Video Wall and Projection Options


      • Product Placement Assistance

      • Technology-Themed Script Consulting

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